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Anemone (Wind Flower)
at Digging Dog

Including Anemone leveillei, Anemone nemorosa, Anemone rivularis, Anemone sylvestris, and Anemone x hybrida


Wind Flower

“The floure never openth it selfe, but when the wynde bloweth,” wrote William Turner, in A New Herbal (1560). In our garden, however, we enjoy the buttercup-shaped flowers in any weather, windy or not. Elegant and deceptively delicate, Anemone is also tough and undemanding. Most will multiply readily in rich, sandy loam, and are perfect for naturalizing in a woodland setting.

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Anemone hupehensis ‘Crispa’  full sun  partial shade
Parsley Leaf Windflower
Anemone hupehensis Crispa

Reminiscent of triple curled parsley, the striking green leaves are embellished with curious curves, crinkles, ruffles and red-tinged margins. In autumn, 2 ft. tall stalks present delicate, 3 in. wide pale pink flowers, centered by shaggy yellow eyes, above an ultra-textured mound, which is more compact and less spreading than other hupehensis cultivars. Though there’s some confusion about its origins, this unusual British selection may be ‘Lady Gilmour’, an age-old cultivar first recorded in 1895.

Blooms mid-August–September.

Size: 20"–2' high x 2' wide; hardy to zone 4.

Anemone hupehensis ‘Crispa’ (P-1744)
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Anemone x hybrida ‘Alice’  full sun  partial shade
Anemone hybrida Alice Anemone hybrida Alice

Unlike many Anemones, ‘Alice’ spreads slowly, growing into a clump 3 ft. across within three years. It is robust and upright with large leaves that outsize the foliage of most hybrida forms. In our garden, the semidouble soft pink flowers appear to float against a hedge of Carpinus and contrast well with the golden fall foliage of Amsonia hubrichtii.

Blooms late August–October.

Size: 5'–6' high x 3' wide; hardy to zone 4.

Anemone x hybrida ‘Alice’ (P-0503)
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Anemone x hybrida ‘Andrea Atkinson’  full sun  partial shade

These beauties sway on tall but sturdy stems above lush deep green Maple-shaped leaves. Downy green buds open into semidouble white flowers with chartreuse eyes. In winter, seed heads turn a rich chocolate brown, making ‘Andrea Atkinson’ an entertaining addition in drifts or borders. For vivacious color, try it with Aster cordifolius or blue flowering Geraniums.

Blooms August–late October.

Size: 4-1/2'–5' high x 3' wide; hardy to zone 5.

Anemone x hybrida ‘Andrea Atkinson’ (P-0911)
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Anemone x lesseri  full sun  partial shade  new plant
Anemone lesseri

This lovely jewel-box-like hybrid affords cupped carmine-red blooms, festooned with spry yellow anthers above an attractive non-aggressive bed of low growing ferny green foliage. Parented by Anemone multifida and Anemone sylvestris, Anemone x lesseri’s fine cut palmately lobed leaves and uniquely colored up-facing flowers make compelling additions to the rockery, an open woodland planting or a border’s front lines. Appreciative of morning light accompanied by dappled afternoon shade on hot days, its dwarf habit requires minimal care, resists those meddlesome deer and prospers in moist well-drained organic-rich soil.

Blooms June.

Size: 12"–15" high x 9"–12" wide; hardy to zone 5.

Anemone x lesseri (P-1827)
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Anemone leveillei  full sun  partial shade
Woodland Anemone
Anemone leveillei

This elegant Chinese denizen presents delicate single white flowers with a smoky halo of deep blue-violet stamens, surrounding green centers, and mauve flushed backsides. An illuminated choice for the woodland garden, Anemone leveillei’s low mound of deeply divided and somewhat hirsute dark green leaves can be massed amid ferns and wild gingers in humus-rich soil.

Blooms April – early June.

Size: 15"–18" high x 18" wide; hardy to zone 5.

Anemone leveillei (P-1164)
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Anemone nemorosa ‘Vestal’  full sun  partial shade
Wood Anemone

Adored by all who behold it, this charming European woodland plant boasts the choicest double Wood Anemone flowers in cultivation. Six ray petals, pure as the driven snow, encompass a fluffy white central tuft of distinctively gathered petaloid stamens. The elegant, long lasting 1 in. blooms repose upon low ferny mats of ephemeral spring leaves that show off a purplish sheen when young and disappear come summer.

Blooms late March – early May.

Size: 4" high x 12" wide; hardy to zone 4.

Anemone nemorosa ‘Vestal’ (P-1607)
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Anemone palmata  full sun  partial shade
Yellow Anemone

Brilliant citrine-yellow petals swirl around golden stamens, their sunny coloration rare for an Anemone. Often tinged red on the outside, the good-sized, saucer-shaped flowers are presented on slender, leafless 6 in. stems above a handsome basal mat of glossy deep green foliage. A southwest European native, this spreading Anemone prefers a sunny, well drained bank where its cheerful blooms can be paired with blue flowering Nepeta reichenbachiana.

Blooms May–June.

Size: 12" high x 8" wide; hardy to zone 6.

Anemone palmata (P-1175)
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Anemone rivularis ‘Glacier’  full sun  partial shade

Native to the far reaches of Himalaya, India and Ceylon, this Anemone quickly emerges in the spring as an attractive basal clump of long-petioled deep green trilobed leaves. Red-tinged stems—silky, stiff, arching and branched—deliver snow white droves of large, open saucer-shaped flowers. Violet-blue anthers and backsides with dusty green and gun-metal blue streaks enhance the exquisite blooms, while spiky green seed heads gathered in ornamental clusters provide autumn allure. Unparalleled in drifts, ‘Glacier’ insists on cool, moist humus-rich soil.

Blooms June–August.

Size: 16"–20" high x 12" wide; hardy to zone 4.

Anemone rivularis ‘Glacier’ (P-1745)
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Anemone sylvestris  full sun  partial shade
Snowdrop Anemone
Anemone sylvestris

With Old World allure, its sweet smelling bounty of yellow-eyed, satiny white blossoms has been lighting up gardens for over 400 years. Atop straight 18 in. stems, delicate cup-shaped single flowers offer a repeat bloom come fall, and later develop decorative cottonlike seed heads. Deeply cut, palmate green leaves form a lustrous dense ground cover that naturalizes easily in loamy soil and bright shade.

Amenable to full sun where its cool and full shade where its warm, this ethereal beauty detests desert heat, can accompany early flowering spring bulbs and may periodically need its vigorous rhizomes curbed.

Blooms April – June & September.

Size: 12"–18" high x 12"–18" wide; hardy to zone 4.


Anemone sylvestris (P-1640)
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