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Blue Butterfly Bush

Rotheca myricoides ‘Ugandense’


<i>Rotheca myricoides</i> ‘Ugandense’

Endemic to Kenya and Uganda, this tender, long-blooming Lamiaceae kin flaunts fanciful butterflyesque flowers, each composed of a large, cupped, downward-pointing, French-blue petal plus 4 lateral, sky-blue ones and showy, whisker-like purple stamens. Serrated margins, wedge-shaped bases and an alluring tropical appeal denote the glabrous, glossy bright green leaves. A suckering, somewhat open evergreen shrub, Blue Butterfly Bush prefers frost-free weather, but survives colder temperatures, with the fast-developing, upright stems experiencing some die-back below 25˚. Coveted by hummingbirds, butterflies and plant purveyors, easily cultivated ‘Ugandense’ makes a marvelous bushy specimen in terra cotta pots or mixed borders. Afternoon shade, regular moisture, rich, well-drained soil and judicious pruning assure comely compact growth, while a bright, indirectly lit room during cold snaps guarantees survival.

Blooms June–September

Size: 3' 0" – 5' 0" high x 3' 0" – 5' 0" wide.

Hardy to zone 9.

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